Shahi Al-Sadat

Shahi Al-Sadat, a 15-year-old changemaker from Bangladesh, founded The Startup IO at 13, channeling all profits towards child rights protection. Born on March 22, 2009, in Meherpur, Khulna, he’s a children’s rights activist and grade 10 student at Meherpur Government High School. Inspired by Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Shameem Hasan, Shahi launched Kids Helplink, Startup Cyber, Girls TeenSafe, and Teen X to combat bullying and harassment. His company, The Startup IO, has earned over 7 lakhs Taka in five months, funding 157 seminars across Bangladesh. An advocate for online safety, Shahi has authored three books: “The Quantum Enigma,” “Cyber Sentinel,” and “Fall in Love,” and received a 70% scholarship from IU International University for a BSC in Computer Science.

Shahi Al-Sadat !

Shahi Al-Sadat is a 15-year-old changemaker from Bangladesh. At the age of 13, he founded The Startup IO, Bangladesh’s first company that channels all of its profits towards protecting child rights.A grade 10 student at Meherpur Government High School, Sadat is a highly sensitive youth always aware of his rights as an individual, and the collective rights of his fellow classmates.His love for children and strong desire to save them from all kinds of online & ofline bullying and harassment led him to found an organization that would fight not only for children’s online safety but also educate them how to protect themselves from cyber-related & every types of crimes.
Shahi Al Sadat’s unwavering commitment to raising awareness and improving child safety has earned him acclaim and recognition. His contributions exemplify the importance of youth-led initiatives in addressing contemporary challenges, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of children’s rights advocacy.

Shahi Al-Sadat’s company- ‘The Startup IO’ has earned over 7 lakhs Bangladeshi Taka in profit in the past five months. All proceeds have been spent by Sadat himself to ensure child rights through the organizations Startup Cyber,Kids Helplink, Girls TeenSafe,
and Teen X.


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